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... mounting up with wings of eagles!!! 

Isaiah 40:31

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 Nathaniel White Feather, Founder and Trainer 

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 What If...

 What if, for a moment in time, you could get away to a place of surrender and peace. A place where you could hear yourself think.

 A place of majesty and nature. Imagine Fields of Grace, open pastures, rolling bluffs and sunlit meadows. A westward sky with the view of Shenandoah National Park as your playground and spectacular mountain scenery from horseback.

Eagles dancing in flight over the river as you ride through spacious, wooded trails with a canopy of filtered sun, cascading shadows and shade. A private sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Imagine the evening summer fog, rolling up from the river and blanketing the bluffs, creating this dream like atmosphere of eagles dancing, buffalo roaming in and out of the fog and you taking it all in on horseback. This is our sanctuary and you are welcome here.

On moonlit nights, a gentle breeze and stars a fire you'll find yourself howling at the moon with the rest of us. As fantastic as that sounds you'll also be riding bareback and having the time of your life in the stillness of the moon's bathing power, and of course on board one of my fabulous painted ponies.


Camp fires in the distance with the silhouettes of Teepees and mountaintops, with no city lights to obscure the view. Open your mind, breath it all in, and relax. This is a good time and very Good Medicine.

                         Nathaniel White Feather © 2008




Nathaniel White Feather builds relationships


White Feather Native American Horsemanship is a more traditional way of understanding the horse’s natural and distinct behavior and personality. After horses were introduced into the America’s, Native people adapted to co-exist with the horse without much need of ownership. The preditor, prey and fleeing mentality has not changed much even though most human interaction is with domesticated breeds. The Natural ability to flee is integral to the horse as is this physical body language. These two concepts and the understanding of the multiple dynamics and mechanic’s are clearly our focus.

Our goal then for each matched pair of horse, and Alpha rider is to merge two personalities into one flowing cohesive union. This union or "herd of one" is fundamental to horse and alpha rider’s ownership and shared trust factor. The responsibility of the relationship is forged in trust and leadership. The companion/owner is given instruction in leading his or her herd in the Alpha rider role. The companion/horse is given instruction in yielding and submitting willingly to the alpha rider leadership. The horse’s job is to follow well. In the natural pecking order of horses in herds is to challenge the alpha leader often. Leadership must be earned, respected and maintained or it will be lost. The teachable Native way is to lead without fear. In this way, there is order in the herd and the two can co-exist, both trusting in each other completely. Fundamentally the alpha must be the companion/owner.

All teaching and training from White Feather encompasses these simple truths. Each level of instruction the companion/owner is given; more intimate insight into the complexity of the whole horse, from the horse’s point of view is explained. Time, patience, wisdom, understanding and knowledge makes the alpha/owner/companion a more complete leader and rider.

"Always wait for the teachable moment; this, is good medicine"


James 1:4

Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do.
Then you will be perfect and complete. You will have
everything you need.

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Nothing is won by force. I choose to be gentle. If I raise my voice may it be only in praise. If I clench my fist, may it be only in prayer. If I make a demand, may it be only of myself.

-- Max Lucado
Always wait for the teachable moment
--- Nathaniel White Feather  




Out of the ashes of broken dreams, unfulfilled promises and unresolved issues... rises the cleansing virtue of the Phoenix.  The rising sun for all of us in hope now and the faith that was lost.

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