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Paid Services

 Trail Ride Hours
   Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm
   Sunday: 12 noon - 6 pm


Special seasonal hours may apply

Reservations are required. Call (804) 641-7928 , email [email protected] or fax (530) 431-3434 to book your ride!

  • All trail rides are guided, by Trail Bosses, Trail Guides or Grooms on foot. 
  • Riders must be at least 18 years of age and not exceed weight requirements of 250 lbs.
    • Parents, please call for alternative rides for children under 18 years of age.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Guests must read and sign a guest waiver.




















Private and Group Rates

  • Two hour ride with lessons - $150 Per Person
  • Group Rates - $45 Per Person/Per Hour (5 - 10 riders)

    Kid Rides

         Twenty For Twenty Kid Ride

                   20 minutes for $20.00 

Sweetheart Packages

A unique and personal trail ride for two. Includes a complimentary digital photo opportunity.

  • 1 hour Sweetheart Ride - $150 Per Couple

  • 2 hour Sweetheart Ride - Call for seasonal pricing
    A romantic 2 hour trail ride with an optional picnic lunch, gift basket, or gift bag





Riding Lessons

While each lesson plan is specifically tailored to the student, there is a natural progression and specific goals we expect each rider to accomplish. The pace at which these goals are attained will depend on each student. Since each session lasts approximately 1 hour, we are committed to rider safety and mutual relationships between student, horse and instructor.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn in your class:









Basic Horse Communication: Posturing and Breathing


Basic Horse Safety


Basic Equine Normenclature: Muscular and Skeletal


Horse Care


Basic Horse Commands


 Basic Movement and Observation


Understanding Herd Dynamics


 Which way does that pony go...


Taking Down


English vs Western vs Native Style Bareback


Bending and Direction




Fast Walk




Western Lope






The Walk About - And Time Well Spent by GaWani Pony Boy 

Riding Equipment & Attire






A SEI Certified Helmet (Troxel or International or Ageis are the best) ~


Horseback Riding Boots


Bicycle riding pants "under your jeans": you'll thank us later!


Sunglasses with straps


No shorts please


No sandals please


Water Bottles (2 each per person)


A change of shoes


Trail mix or light snacks


Jeans or appropriate riding attire


Real cowboys and cowgirls wear chaps!!!


Long socks (no ankle socks)


Clothing appropriate for weather, We ride in the rain, sun and snow


Trash in, trach out "Leave No Trace"




Formal Riding Clothing:


Riding pants


Riding gloves


Full chaps & Half Chaps

Kiss Your Horse & Tip Your Guide

Thank you for riding with us!

It has been the pleasure of White Feather Native American Horsemanship to serve You.

We look forward to your next visit. 

In Kind Services

The In-Kind Services of White Feather Native American Horsemanship encompasses Equine Assisted healing focusing on therapeutic riding and equine activities to help improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs, autism, at-risk youths, foster children, military servicemen/women (active and veteran), those who are disadvantaged as well as the equitation host horses. Our services range from assisted riding for people with a variety of special needs, to relationship building through horsemanship.

We strive to get to know our clients on a personal basis. We also cannot express enough how important it is to have a family that is engaged and supportive. That is why we have gone to great lengths to develop a family friendly environment and allow family members to enjoy complimentary riding and lessons as well.

Our in-kind services are "not for profit" and depend solely on the kindness of our benefactors, volunteers, private donations, and fundraisers in order to meet our financial needs, and continue to help those with special needs and their families that depend on us. Donations are gladly accepted.

Involvement of Family & Friends:

Please keep in mind however, that all children must be supervised by a responsible adult while on the premises. In addition, each rider and family member who will be present must sign our waiver.


 Our family waiting area is situated among flowering shrubs, plants and trees, with breathtaking views. The perfect spot to enjoy some reading or just enjoy the peace and quiet. We also have a horse trail that you are welcome to enjoy for a short hike or you can take advantage of our "for-a-fee" riding lessons or trail rides.  Lawn chairs and picnics are permitted and welcomed.  Stay for the day.

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